Cheesy's Case Study

This hut-style pizza joint is located on the far east bend of the lazy river in a popular resort and water-park in Utah. 

The pizza shop attracts younger audiences, and called for a fun, youthful, and relatable logo. 

March 2023

With the subtle colors of a classic Italian pizzeria, the chosen option was the perfect blent of new-age and old-school, creating a fun new look for Cheesy’s while respecting its origins.

Provided Options

The client requested a pizza slice as the apostrophe, and a script font for the main text. 

Option 1

This modern and youthful style offers a detailed icon with highlights and shadows partnered with a bright and cheery typeface with similar treatment.

Option 2

This slightly edgy 2D style is perfect for a youth market and creates a great opportunity for stickers, patches, or stick-on tattoos, 



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