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Build your business with
marketing & partnerships

Hit sales goals and drive brand awareness through social media marketing, Google ad campaigns, email marketing, analytics, and action-oriented copywriting

Why Marketing?

Digital marketing and strategic partnerships connect you with your target market. They create the opportunity to boost brand awareness, increase conversions, build a following, and much more. With the power of knowing your market and how to speak to them, campaigns and monitoring contribute to valuable analytics that are imperative to your business growth.

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Drive Sales
Recognition & Awareness
Improve Relationships

Familiarizing users with your brand  is proven to drives sales. Digital marketing generates user recall, which is key to creating lasting and memorable business.

Meet sales objectives and quarterly projections with social media marketing, SEO, and google ads. Target the audience who is most likely to purchase your product, and grow those numbers!

Interact with your audience through comments, messages, and analytics to create a dialogue between you and your customers. Get involved in the conversation, and stay in your customers frame of mind.

Marketing Packages

The packages below are just a glimpse into our offerings. Schedule a consultation below to discuss what's best for you and your business.


-Competitor analysis

-Targeting plan
-Marketing and platform goals
-Content types, tone, and voice

-Partnerships and influencers

Starting at $2,000


-Competitor analysis

-Targeting plan
-Marketing and platform goals

-Content types, tone, and voice

-Partnerships and influencers

-9 pieces of content with captions for 3 platforms

Starting at $4,800


-Implement strategy across

selected platforms
-Launch and manage campaign
-Data and analytics reports

Starting at $8,800


Schedule a Free Consultation

In this 20-minute phone call we'll discuss your project goals, brand, vision, and the best steps  for you moving forward.

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