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About Me


A seed of creativity is like that of any other. Through the passage of time, the seed will fade or flourish. With support from its environment, a brilliant and unique outcome is sure to prevail.

I was raised in a household where video games and television were substituted with arts and crafts, store-bought with homemade, and idleness with exploration in the small lake ecosystem that was backdrop to my home. I was urged to explore every option, pursue every curiosity, and question everything at face value. In time, I grew into the adaptive, imaginative, and resourceful woman I am today.

As my leaves unfurl in adulthood, I thrive when I face challenges head on, explore places yet discovered, and learn the stories of the infinite number of teachers along the way. I find balance through a dedicated embodiment and meditation practice, infusing growth, adaptation, and compassion into both my personal and professional life.

Today, I see design in every direction I face. From the typesetting of a postcard, to the intricate patterns on the bark of tree, our entire world is designed in way that I've only just begun to appreciate. In working with me, you'll find your projects take on an air of ease, your goals will become clearer, and you'll have a teammate you can trust by your side helping you and your business thrive.