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FatFinger Case Study

FatFinger is a digital polling app geared towards a  28-42 year old demographic with an interest in politics and public opinion. 

The range of styles below were made in an effort to assist the client in brand direction. In choosing the particular logo, we then moved forward with a look that coincided best with their selected option.

This early type-setting style font creates a classy 1700’s era newspaper feel, paired with an icon mark representative of the % symbol. It lends to a mature style and paves the way for a classic and minimal visual brand.

Provided Options

The following options were presented to the client, each tackling a slightly different angle for a yet-to-be developed brand.

Option 1

This modern all-black-everything logo is sleek and futuristic, with the 'F's representative of bar graphs created fittingly in this extended font style. 

Option 2

This funky font is paired with patriotic poll-style vectors, in a design that commemorates an iconic 70's election style.

Option 3

This handwritten-style script paired with abstract thumbs jutting ‘yes’ and ‘no’ from top and bottom create an artistic edge representative of user opinion.

Option 4

Bold and modern yet approachable and fun, this logo has F’s styled similar to bar graphs, with a dot on the ‘i’ representative of toggle options on the app.



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