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Landslippers is a luxury and sustainable house shoe for men based in San Francisco. Existing brand guidelines were used to plan and generate content for their Instagram feed prior to product launch.


Independent contractor


A word from the client

An enthusiastic approach to our natural brand.

Marielle helped us simplify and clarify our social-media strategy and went above and beyond in her execution. She’s punctual, does exactly what she says she’ll do, and we appreciated the balance of professionalism with being friendly and conversational. She’s rare and can make magic happen…

she’s a social-media marketing unicorn!

-Matthew Harris, CEO


Good for one, good for all

This stylish men house shoe brand targets the remote worker and sustainably minded millennial. The unique design features camel and hemp fibers partnered with total brand transparency. Years of user-centric design have produced a swanky slipper alternative fit for all mens at-home workspace.


With product launch around the corner, Landslippers was in need of an Instagram feed to increase brand awareness. I was hired as an independent contractor to refine their social strategy, create goal-oriented content, and establish a foundation for their Instagram page using only free stock photography.

Implementation of an existing brand

 Landslippers had already successfully developed their brand guidelines and were ready to implement it. We used the Instagram feed to embody their core brand values, visuals, and graphics through imagery, motion graphics, and copywriting.

Illustration and Animation

With a 3D model as reference, 
Adobe Illustrator was used to trace and vectorize the shoe in several angles. It was then animated into the following sequence using Photoshop.

The Plan

The aim of the content was to inform and inspire followers prior to product launch. Images from free stock image sites were carefully selected and edited in line with the brand style. Close attention was taken to ensure consistency throughout the feed. 

This technique is helpful for businesses that do not yet produce what they sell, have a small budget for photography, or are short on high quality images of their products.


This stock photography received color, filter, and layout edits in order to create a consistent look and feel.


The Landslippers account called for a casual, professional, and laid back tone. The caption style uses a human approach to quickly inform, inspire, and educate the reader.


The plan and execution of the Landslippers Instagram presence integrated social media strategy, content creation, animation, illustration, and copywriting, all working within the guidelines of an existing brand guide. 



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