OfNature Case Study

OfNature is a sustainable packaging company set to launch in 2021. They have a minimalist approach to manufactureing paper drinking straws and lids. As a great alternative to plastic, bio-plastic, and the current paper products on the market, the company offers superior products in durability that are affordable, biodegradable, and compostable. 

With a decided target market of major corporations in need of a sustainable alternative to plastic straws and lids, the client chose a simple and professional option that spoke well to the corporations they aim to partner with. 

Shaped into a natural leaf shaped structure, the chosen OfNature logo is clean, professional, and easily replicable. The icon itself will hold its own on products, branded items, and marketing materials.

Provided Options

March 2023

The client wished to see something fun and indicative of their natural strategies. A few angles were tackled below. 

Option 1

This abstract icon symbolized hills under the sunshine, partnered with a retro style font, to create a unique and welcoming look.

Option 2

Youthful and fun, the icon is one continuous line that extends into a leaf. Memorable and easy to recreate, option 2 offers a lighthearted feel to a commercial industry.



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