Pabst x Corona

Illustration, experiential design, branded graphics


The Convention Hall in Asbury Park, NJ needed custom window stickers for their outside patio bar, dining, and club areas. Sponsored by Pabst and Corona, these 115-foot murals were created in Adobe Illustrator in 2017 and are still featured today.


Internal hire

North Side Promenade

On the northern promenade of the historical Convention Hall is Anchors Bend, a casual quickserve restaurant which boasts drink specials and it's surf rock concerts on it's sand area. Keeping it casual and cool, Pabst sponsored this side of the building and we went with a casual nautical theme. I ideated all 16 panels, how to integrate the product and brand, and created the following designs as vector files in Adobe Illustrator.


South End Promenade

The southern promenade is home to the Beach Bar, a high energy beach club with fruity drinks and a lively crowd. For this reason, Corona sponsored this side of the murals and we decided to go with a cuban beach theme, complete with salsa-dancers, Corona bottle bushels, and 1920's cars. 

The Building

The Convention Hall was built in 1890's and served as a social congregation space throughout the early 90's. Purched by Thirty Property Managment in the early 2000's, this historical space is now home to multiple bars and restaurants, shops, and local artisan markets



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