Three Ways to Tackle Logo Design

Updated: Jan 11

A logo is a great place to start when branding or rebranding your business. This seemingly simple icon is a visual representation of your company and its values, and is likely will live on for years. Fret not, as a business-owner, you have options.

Cost Effective

A stock logo is a great option for those with an eye on their budget. TailorBrands is a quick and easy tool for creating a logo curated by the type of business and your preferences. However, there is always the risk of it looking a bit too generic. Insider tip- a uniquely chosen typeface could easily mitigate the generic issue. One of my favorite resources for unique logo fonts is Creative Market. They have tons of well designed typefaces (or fonts?) that lay in the $15-$30 range for a desktop license, which is a good deal for a text-based logo made by your very own hand.

Best Value

If you’re interested in a logo that will clearly convey your message and serve as a badge of honor for you and your future employees, then let’s get on a call. I offer multiple high quality, completed logo designs that best represent your vision from a variety of angles, and that serve as a great foundation to your brand design. Working with a designer specifically focused on your vision will help you gain deeper insights on how to describe and market your brand in the future. You’ll receive astute descriptions and possibilities, leading you to deeper level insights to your brand purpose and target audience. Scheduling a consultation is always easy, and right now, free.

Bigger Budgets

A few of my favorite brand and design agencies are C42D and Laxalt and Mciver, both of which offer incredible branding and logo services. In working with an agency, you’ll have access to a wide range of high-level designers and conceptualizers that will join together on making a logo just for you.

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