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SCRAP is a NYC-based clothing donation pickup service. They cater to a audience of 25-35 year olds with an interest in sustainable fashion.


Independent contractor


SCRAP is a luxury clothing donation pickup service in NYC. They advocate for a circular fashion economy by offering rewards to those who donate with gift cards, coupons, and giveaways from leading sustainable brands.

On a mission to limit the amount of textile waste in New York City and educate their audience on textile recycling, they hope to one day impact the way fashion is considered on a global scale.

Web Design

Using an existing brand guideline, SCRAP required complete website design complete with a booking scheduler, information for both partners and donations, and powerful photography.

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Written from scratch, the copy for the website was written in an informative, elevated tone, catering to a luxury market while simultaneously informing the reader about the problem while proposing the solution. Unique in its phrasing, terminology, and tone, the voice written for the SCRAP website will be used as a foundation for written word across platforms.

Every photo on this website is a royalty-free stock image. Selected from reliable free stock photography websites, a common look was ensured through purposeful selection in line with the brand.


The plan, design, and management of the development team to bring the website to live was an holistic process from start to finish. Working with an existing brand allowed for strategic thinking to amplify their existing structure, while the newness of the brand opened the gates for creative interpretation of an entirely new approach to clothing donation. 



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New York, NY

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