SCRAP is a NYC-based clothing donation pickup service. They cater to a audience of 25-35 year olds with an interest in sustainable fashion.


Independent contractor

Embrace a circular fashion economy

Together, we can reduce New York textile waste by placing pre-loved clothing back into circulation


Keep clothing out of landfills

In the current linear economy of make, use, and dispose, 200,000 pounds of textile waste from New Yorkers is generated each year. We aim to change the way clothes are discarded in our city, and support sustainable brands along the way.


A brief history

Before SCRAP, CEO Patrick Metellus, an avid contributor of charity and community work, would check an extra suitcase filled with clothes for donation each time he traveled. His partner, Paloma, has experience working for Victorias Secret, Kate Spade, and Barney’s, gaining firsthand insights into the behind-the-scenes of the fashion industry. Together, they aim to shift this industry toward a more transparent and sustainable future


International Circular Solutions

I:CO is a clothing collections provider, certified in the sorting, reuse, and recycling of discarded garments and shoes. Partnered with fashion retailers like H&M, North Face, and Puma, and functioning in over 60 different countries around the world. 


Sorting the garments

After collection, clothing is sent to I:CO for sorting. The clothes are organized into the following groups based on the wearability of the garment and the materials used, then later redistributed accordingly.

  1. Reuse: Wearable clothing is given a second life by reentering the fashion economy through donation or sale.

  2. Recycle: Recyclable fabrics are returned to a state of raw material, then integrated into the production of new sustainable pieces.

  3. Renew: Clothing deemed renewable is shredded then distributed to external industries, to be used as furniture stuffing or housing insulation.



Donate your clothes

When you donate clothes to SCRAP, you’ll receive gifts and discount incentives from your favorite sustainable brands, like NET-A-PORTER and TheRealReal. Pack your clothing, separating mildly used and deeply worn, then schedule the most convenient time someone from our collections team to come gather your items.


A movement to follow 

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The Voice

SCRAP called for an informative, cool, and elevated voice. The content educates the viewer on the values and goals of the company, simultaneously engaging and inspiring them to take action.



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