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SmartStep Case Study

SmartStep is an ergonomic walker designed for those who need support moving throughout their day. The client took the walker concept, which hasn't been updated in over 2 decades, and transformed it into something that just made sense.

Originally the client requested something that recreated the silhouette of their product, and we discovered the chosen icon in the process. They wished for something clean and modern.

March 2023

Selected Option

Shown in the process image below, the chosen icon stemmed from a combination of the letters r and t in the logo font Qualy. 

Provided Options

The client requested a visual representation of the silhouette of his product design.  A creative edge was applied to options 1 and 2, creating similar shapes without being too literal.

Option 1

Using bright and visible colors with icon derived from a combination of letters in the logo,  option 1 is modern, tech-savvy, and upbeat.

Option 2

Option 2 uses abstract shapes that reflect the product silhouette. The partnered type is readable and modern, perfect for new technology of a product for elderly audience. 

Option 3

As the concept requested specifically by the client, this icon rendition of the silhouette of their product is clear and informative with an italicized font that connotes movement and a memorable gradient.



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